Wishful Mossy Keychain

Wishful Mossy Keychain

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Meet Wishful Mossy!

This charming and magical handmade plush keychain is designed to bring all your wishes to life!

This Mossygurl features:

a sleek silver lobster clasp,

a regular keychain attachment, 

not one, but four star charms!

This Mossy radiates a sense of wonder and dreams. Each star represents a wish waiting to be fulfilled, making this keychain a constant reminder to reach for the stars.

That's not all - Wishful Mossy also has a silver and puffy four-leaf clover charm to bring good luck and fortune to its owner.

And last but not least Mossy has a little leaf charm on top her head!

Embrace the magic of Wishful Mossy as it follows you on your journey, inspiring you to hold tight your dreams and believe in your wishes. Your dreams are just a touch away from becoming reality. Wish upon one of the stars everyday to ensure they come true…! 


plush head: 4in. x 3.5in

full keychain length: 7in. 

*all orders come with a happy moment sticker pack*